Watch: Bon Iver’s ‘Hinnom, TX’ gets an appropriately hazy video

11.28.11 6 years ago


When you hear Bon Iver’s song “Hinnom, TX,” do you think of a sun-fueled hazy drive in the car as you roll right through that enormous state?

If so then, boy, do we have a video for you.

Isaac Gale and David Jensen directed the clip below as part of the larger video project from the soft-rockin’ songwriter. As previously reported, there are 10 videos getting lined up for the 10 songs on the self-titled album, set for re-release as a digital deluxe edition tomorrow (Nov. 29); the vids are to be “consumed as a visual extension of the music, to enhance each listener’s experience,” reads a statement.

These aren’t “official music videos” in the traditional sense, so perhaps that’s why it’s OK if you find this little orange-dappled stroll kinda boring. It’s not like Bon Iver’s songs are the audio equivalent of “Immortals” or anything.

Bon Iver’s label Jagjaguwar will be releasing a limited edition DVD of the videos at participating indie retailers and through mail order.

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