Watch: Cameron Diaz explains how hard it is to find a Sugar Daddy in ‘Bad Teacher’

06.21.11 6 years ago

One of the common questions you hear after moviegoers see the trailer for “Bad Teacher” is “Why is this beautiful woman a school teacher?”  Well, the main answer becomes pretty apparent in the first 20 minutes of the the film, but as I discovered while interviewing Diaz a few weeks ago there is an even bigger one that’s so obvious it’s gone over most peoples heads.  Frankly, the economy has ruined the market for gold diggers like Diaz’s character Elizabeth.  There just aren’t enough Sugar Daddies around anymore to meet demand.

For Diaz and Sony Pictures, “Teacher” is coming at a very opportune time.  R-rated, female-driven comedies used to give most male studio executives night sweats.  It’s hardly a formula that has worked in the past (not that it’s been given much of a chance).  If you’re a comedic actress you’ll mostly find yourself in a traditional romantic comedy (see Kate Hudson’s career) or an action comedy such as Diaz’s “Knight and Day” from last summer.  The breakout success of “Bridesmaids,” on the other hand, has changed all that.  It’s unclear if “Teacher” can match that word of mouth wonder’s $100 million plus take, but pre-release polling shows Diaz may have one of the best solo debuts of her career.  Don’t doubt the Diaz people.

To find out what Ms. Diaz has to say about “Bad Teacher” and the state of the economy, check out our conversation embedded in this page.

“Bad Teacher” opens nationwide on Friday.

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