Watch: Chris Evans goes from zero to hero in new ‘Captain America’ trailer

06.23.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

One last look at Marvel’s upcoming “Captain America: The First Avenger” has been unleashed on the true believers of the world. The new trailer, below, shows a bit more of the story, and a lot more of the WWII-era action.

The clip starts with scrawny military reject Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, on an amazingly effective CGI diet) overcoming the odds (and bullies) and proving that brawn isn’t always a prerequisite for bravery or valor. Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and hottie Hayley Atwell draft him for a military-assisted transformation into the titular super-soldier. The rest is history, as Cap and his cohorts battle the Nazi-backed Hydra soldiers, led by the evil Red Skull (“The Matrix” trilogy’s Hugo Weaving), looking downright terrifying.

Evans (also in the Marvel-derived “Fantastic Four” films) looks convincing both as a 90 lbs weakling and a hulking he-man in a cool vintage-style costume.

The only missteps in the otherwise promising trailer are the trite-sounding nu-metal track, and the final joke, which falls a bit flat.

Directed by Joe Johnston (“Wolfman,” “The Rocketeer”), “Captain America” looks fairly faithful to the comics and, while staying within the established Marvel movie universe (after all, it’s not subtitled “The First Avenger” for nothing), appears to have its own look and feel, perhaps due to the period setting.

The film opens July 22.

Check out some stills from the film here.

What do you think of the latest trailer? Where do you think it will stand amongst the latest wave of Marvel movies?

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