Watch: First official trailer for ‘The Muppets’ premieres

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In a recent interview with HitFix for “Bad Teacher” Jason Segel refused to reveal his “marketing strategy to to take over the world with Muppets.” But the release of the first official, non-parody trailer for “The Muppets” shows that there is some kind of master plan for the marketing of the everyone’s favorite Marionette/Puppets.

The funny thing is, after the sharp, surprising, and hilarious parody trailers, this first official one is a little bit of a letdown. It’s just a trailer. Some funny jokes in it, but pretty light on story, so it really doesn’t give us any more information than: It’s a movie, and all the Muppets are in it.

Starting with the romantic comedy parody “Green With Envy” and Ending with the Ryan Reynolds’ voiced Green Lantern spoof, the sting or parody Muppet trailers have been great. To a certain degree I wish they’d kept making those with their own jokes so that I don’t get any more spoilers, but I nitpick.

Watch the trailer after the jump

As former proud owner of a Muppet lunchbox (the cool kind with pictures on all six surfaces) that, it’s fair to say, I loved. I count myself smack dab in the middle of a demographic that does not have to be sold this movie. I’ve already bought it. (Yes I saw Muppets From Space in the Theater.) This trailer still aims at those of us who grew up in the 80’s with a few bars from the original Muppet Show theme song and a Jefferson Starship song “We Built This City On Rock and Roll.”

It’s a long way from November 23rd, when the movie opens, click the “Event” box below to set yourself a reminder.

Watch the first Official trailer for “The Muppets” embedded below.

To borrow from Obama: Are you in?

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