Watch: Green Day’s new live video clip for ‘Cigarettes and Valentines’

02.23.11 7 years ago

AP Photo/Ronald Reyes

Green Day”s “Awesome as Fuck” comes out March 22. The live album comes with a bonus DVD from the band”s 2009-2010 world tour and with each new video release, we get more excited.

It would have been way too cheesy to release the clip for “Cigarettes and Valentines” on Feb. 14 and Green Day is not known for its cheese factor, so they waited a few days. (But we do appreciate the red wash the band is often bathed in here.

The tune was new when Green Day debuted it to a very receptive audience in Phoenix, perhaps because it is a fastball straight down Green Day”s sweet spot: melodic, but driving; simple lyrics of yearning and fearing being left behind, and lots of opportunities for the band to go crazy. The slightly weird thing is that the CD/DVD listing for “Awesome as Fuck” features “Cigarettes and Valentines on the CD, but it’s not listed as included on the DVD portion. So enjoy it here.

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