Watch James Franco accept his time travel mission in teaser trailer for ‘11/22/63’

11.19.15 2 years ago


“I”m gonna tell you something that”s gonna seem crazy.”

So James Franco is told in this teaser trailer for Hulu”s adaptation of Stephen King novel “11/22/63.” Here”s the crazy part: There”s a pantry in a diner that”s a portal to the past. Franco”s character, Jake Epping, takes on the task of attempting to change history and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Watch the 30-second teaser below:

Fans of the book will be quick to point out one change from the novel: Jake isn”t traveling back quite so far in time. In the book, the pantry in the diner is a portal to September 9, 1958, but in the teaser, we hear Al say, “If you go through there, it”s 1960.” So is the eight-part series shortening Jake”s time in Jodie, Texas with Sadie or his time stalking Lee Harvey Oswald? Or both? It is a big book – 880 pages – so some cutting of details was bound to happen.

“11/22/63” will premiere on Hulu on President”s Day, Feb. 15, 2016.

The series also stars Chris Cooper as Jake”s diner owner buddy Al, Josh Duhamel as Frank Dunning (the murderous father in Jake”s early time travel experiment), and “A Dangerous Method” actress Sarah Gadon as Jake”s love interest, Sadie. Australian actor Daniel Webber – whose credits include 2011 film “Sleeping Beauty” and Aussie soap “Home and Away” – plays Oswald.

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