Watch: Joe Jonas brings sexy back in ‘Just In Love’ video

09.14.11 6 years ago

Joe Jonas is feeling the love in the City Of Lights in his sultry video for “Just In Love,”  the second single from his forthcoming album, “Fast Life,” out Oct. 11.

He and his girlfriend, portrayed by French model Angele (whom, we”re sure, will be his real girlfriend soon enough… isn”t that how these things work?), bounce around the world”s most romantic city doing romantic things.

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They stick their thumb out like hitchhikers as they wait for the Metro. She straddles him in a restaurant and in bed, they take a bath together. It”s all very PG-13, but there”s no doubt they”re doing more than scrubbing each other”s backs. That purity ring is off and it ain”t ever coming back. Jonas is 22, but it still feels like you’re spying on your younger brother doing things he can’t possibly seem old enough to do.

In the end, Jonas leaves his love. We don”t know why. We see no break-up, so he could just be going out for some late night coffee, but he looks appropriately sorrowful about the parting.

What do you think of “Just In Love?”

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