Watch: Nick Lowe gets help from Wilco, Tim Heidecker and Marc Maron in new video

03.02.12 6 years ago

I”ll get around to writing about Nick Lowe”s new video, “Sensitive Man” as soon as I finish my practicing my Smile Pile and my Rollover Whispers.

Lowe hasn”t made a video for years, but he”s brought the funny with this one. Though he simply plays the song up against a pale green background, his performance is interspersed with a session of sensitivity training for a group of men all of whom are either trying to get in touch with their softer side or have been sent there by women and agreed to it in hopes of ever getting laid again.

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The Scott Jacobson-directed video opens as comedian/podcaster extraordinaire Marc Maron is shuffling off to sensitive school at the behest of his girlfriend. There, he comes under the tutelage of Tim Heidecker (of “Tim and Eric” fame), who is so in touch with his feelings he is unashamed to wear a white turtleneck. Need a puka shell necklace with that, Tim?

As the men go through various exercises meant to increase their sensitivity, such as the Smile Pile and the Rollover Whisper,  the action cuts back occasionally to Lowe or to a few of his famous friends, including Robyn Hitchcock and Wilco, all of whom are trying to act “sensitive.”

“Sensitive Man” is on Lowe”s current album, “The Old Magic.”

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