Watch: ‘Raising Hope’ star Shannon Woodward talks fake orgasms and arachnophobia

10.02.12 5 years ago 4 Comments
It isn’t often that we discover a love interest on a TV show sleeps with a stocking over her head out of fear of nesting spiders, but in the world of FOX’s “Raising Hope,” Shannon Woodward’s Sabrina is only beginning to rise to the level of eccentricity around her. 
Sabrina’s growing quirkiness was one of the pleasures of “Raising Hope” both for fans and for Woodward, who tells me that she requested the opportunity to engage in some wackiness of her own. And things are only getting crazier in the third season, which introduces Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith as Sabrina’s mother and threatens to take the Jimmy-Sabrina romance to the next level.
In our recent sit-down, Woodward and I discussed the very logical reasons why even a normal person would start donning hose before bed, her off-camera relationship with the twins who play Hope and her very enthusiastic “When Harry Met Sally” homage in the premiere.
Check out the full interview above…

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