Will shows his sweet side on back-to-normal ‘The Little Couple’

04.22.14 4 years ago


Aw, shucks. It's been a tough season for Bill and Jen on “The Little Couple,” one that's been complicated with chemo treatments and visits to the doctor. This week, the TLC show (Tues. at 10:00 p.m.) takes a lighter, happier tone with chocolates and tea parties. It's well-deserved and, yes, totally adorbs. 

Will”s fourth birthday is coming up so Bill and Jen start to plan the big celebration. To show Will how he”s been growing over the past year, Bill hangs a growth chart in his room. Then, he takes Will to work with him so that Jen can spend some quality time with Zoey. While the boys are away, the girls have fun doing something Jen”s wanted to do for a long time, have a tea party!

Watch a clip below: 

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