Sanders To His Supporters: Trump Will Be A ‘Disaster,’ And Clinton Will Do ‘Revolutionary’ Things


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Bernie Sanders may still be feeling the Bern for not being selected as the Democratic Presidential nominee, but that is not stopping him from backing Hillary Clinton and doing everything he can to ensure party victory. In an interview with The Nation, Sanders said his supporters might feel “betrayed” by his support of a former opponent, but he feels that her presidency could work some “revolutionary” effects. Sanders also emphasizes that President Donald Trump would be a “disaster” for the country. The Vermont senator feels it’s his duty to help the country head in the right direction:

“The first thing that I’ve got to think about is: What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for the people of my state and for the people of this country? And for the people of the world? I think it would be an absolute disaster. It would be beyond a disaster. Therefore, as a United States senator, I’ve got to do everything that I can to make sure that Trump does not become president.”

Even on the campaign trail, Sanders stuck by his assertion that a Trump presidency would send the country back to the drawing board. Now, he still stands by the belief that Hillary Clinton becoming the president would not only be better for the country, but will work some “revolutionary” effects:

“Now, do I have strong differences of opinion with Hillary Clinton? I think the whole world knows that. What we should be saying is that if you look at virtually all of the issues of importance to the people of this country — issues like making public colleges and universities tuition-free — Hillary Clinton is now on record for doing that for people making $125,000 a year or less. You know what? That is pretty revolutionary. That will transform the lives of millions of families in this country. That’s what Clinton stands for.”

Sanders said he stands by Clinton’s quest to double community health centers throughout the country and pay equity for women. And he tipped his cap to her for wanting to tackle climate change, which her opponent believes is a “hoax.” On the campaign trail, Sanders and Clinton seemed to be sworn combatants, but each has seemed to warm up to the other. Sanders is backing her any chance he gets, and Clinton has adopted some of his policies in an effort to compromise and unify the party.

(Via The Nation)

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