Trump Doesn’t Want Anderson Cooper As A Moderator: ‘I’ve Seen How He Behaves’

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Donald Trump has said he’s all for participating in this year’s presidential debates, but he has a few caveats. He fretted that the debates would conflict with football scheduling (which implied a desire to switch debate dates) and worried that moderators would be mean to him. He especially has reservations about Anderson Cooper serving as a debate moderator because he doesn’t like how Coop “behaves.” Perhaps he would prefer a moderator like Matt Lauer or Jimmy Fallon, who aren’t too hard on him.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said he didn’t trust that Cooper could be an impartial moderator. Trump said Cooper’s behavior in the past has made him “very biased,” and he doesn’t trust him:

“I don’t think Anderson Cooper should be a moderator because Anderson Cooper works for CNN and over the last couple of days, I’ve seen how Anderson Cooper behaves. He’ll be very biased, very biased. I don’t think he should be a moderator. I’ll participate, but I don’t think he should be a moderator. CNN is the Clinton News Network and Anderson Cooper, I don’t think he can be fair.”

Cooper is scheduled to co-moderate the October 9 debate with ABC’s Martha Raddatz. Trump’s claims may be a bit misplaced, for Coop has shown he is more than willing to be tough on Clinton. But with Trump’s recent birther comments against Clinton, it’s safe to say people should take what Trump says with a grain of salt.

(Via The Washington Post)

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