Even The Secret Service Hates The ‘Blathering’ On Fox News

05.18.11 6 years ago

Just a few days ago the U.S. Secret Service joined Twitter. At the time I decided not to follow it, thinking that it’d probably be the most boring Twitter account in the history of boring Twitter accounts, but I may have to reconsider now, as it appears that whoever runs it shares my smoldering disdain for Fox News.

The tweet was promptly erased, leading many to speculate that whoever runs the Secret Service Twitter account thought they were posting a message to their personal Twitter and posted one to the agency’s accidentally. It happens.

Regardless, I look forward to Sarah Palin firing off an angry tweet and/or Facebook note decrying this as yet another example of the Secret Service’s liberal bias. Certainly, she will blame President Obama for having indoctrinated every level of government into communism, and she’ll call on whichever intern who made the error to be fired and publicly flogged with bamboo painted read white and blue, while Lee Greenwood sings that awful song of his in the background.

God help us all.

(Via The 20s)

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