The Current L.L. Bean Situation Raises Questions About The Wisdom Of Boycotting Trump-Friendly Companies

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01.12.17 20 Comments

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A donation made to the Trump campaign by an L.L. Bean heiress coupled with a Tweet by the president elect is bringing up serious questions today about how far anti-Trump protesters will take their divestment initiatives. Earlier in the week, the Maine mail order outdoor clothing company was added to the #GrabYourWallet list, a running tally of brands that ani-Trump supporters are urging people to avoid.

This move came after it was revealed that Linda Bean, the granddaughter of the brand’s founder, gave $60,000 to the Make America Great Again LLC. The amount was 12 times larger than the Federal Election Commission’s allowed donation.

The protest has proved highly distressing to the company, prompting them to issue a response, via Facebook:

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