Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 128: Upfronts 2012, Part 2: CBS/CW

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05.18.12 15 Comments


It’s Upfront Week, part 2, which means you get a bonus podcast from us in which we break down the CBS and CW schedules and answer a few upfront-related letters before we start moving on to discussing some notable season finales. More of that to come next week (likely on Tuesday instead of Monday), along with the announcement of this summer’s rewatch.

The line-up:

Upfronts – CBS and The CW (00:00:50 – 00:25:30)
Upfronts-themed Letters (00:25:50 – 00:39:40)
“Parks and Recreation” finale (00:39:45 – 00:46:15)
“How I Met Your Mother” finale (00:46:20 – 00:54:00)
“Smash” finale (00:54:00 – 01:03:00)
“Suburgatory” finale (01:03:00 – 01:14:30)
As we discuss towards the end of the show, we will likely have two podcasts next week, but also probably not on Monday. It will be catch as catch can. Follow our blogs, iTunes, the RSS feed, Twitter, etc., to have some sense of when a new podcast has been published.

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