Firewall & Iceberg podcast, episode 27: Comic-Con, ‘Rubicon,’ press tour and ‘Mad Men’

07.26.10 7 years ago 13 Comments


Mistakes were made. Lessons were learned. Podcasts are not meant to be recorded inside of San Diego-bound cars. So this week’s Firewall & Iceberg Podcast was recorded in the safety, quiet and calm of my hotel room for press tour, and Dan and I both sound much, much much better than last week.
This is actually a two-podcast day for me, as I talked about “Mad Men,” Comic-Con and all things TV with Bill Simmons on the latest B.S. Report.
And here’s the rundown of what Dan and I discussed:

Intro and Comic-Con — 00:00 – 14:05

Press Tour Preview — 14:05 – 24:10

“Rubicon” — 24:10 – 31:35

“Mad Men” – 31:35 – 48:52
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