Firewall & Iceberg Show, May 2015 Special: Canceled TV Trivia

06.12.15 2 years ago 7 Comments

Earlier this week, I was in LA for a day to moderate another panel with the “Veep” cast (spoiler: the season finale is fantastic), and Fienberg and I took advantage of one of those rare occasions when we're in the same place at the same time to record another infrequent installment of the Firewall & Iceberg Show.

Today's installment comes in three parts. The first, embedded above, has us talking about the death of “Constantine” and how that fits into this world where it seems like every show with even a slight fanbase is revived as part of the Undead Television boom.

Here's segment #2, where we play another round of Canceled TV Trivia (inspired by the last segment of this episode from last spring):

And segment #3, where we get into some spoilers about the “iZombie” finale (if the embed isn't working on this one for some reason, you can watch the segment here):

Enjoy. In theory, we should be back to podcasting next week, though possibly not on Tuesday.

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