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I haven’t written about “Grey’s Anatomy” this season, sticking to my belief that I enjoy the show more when I don’t have to review it, and can therefore focus on the parts I enjoy and ignore the parts that I don’t. That said, the Good “Grey’s/Bad “Grey’s” ratio has been overwhelmingly positive this year, as the show has done a very strong job depicting the aftermath of the shooting spree from the season finale, leaving very little time for the elements of the show I often find annoying. A lot of series might pull a stunt like that and then forget about it a few episodes later, or leave only a few characters traumatized by it, but here the shooting continues to have ripple effects on everyone.

Last night’s episode used a documentary format that shows try from time to time. It can be incredibly effective (the black and white “M*A*S*H” episodes) or a distracting gimmick (the live “ER” episode, which was two stunts in one). This was one of the good uses of the device, as it was essentially still a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, but with the ability to go back and forth in time to show the patients and doctors in the time before and after the day being covered. Some good moments for everyone (Avery trapped with the crashing patient was a highlight, as was the entire Karev story), and the right mix of good and bad outcomes.

What did everybody think of the episode, and the season to date?

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