‘Happy Endings’ – ‘Blax, Snake, Home’: Penny can

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A quick review of the “Happy Endings” season 2 premiere coming up just as soon as I friend your mom on Facebook…

As you may recall, I didn’t much like “Happy Endings” when it debuted, and then grew to realize I was growing oddly fond of the show (if not the characters) as the first season went along. Though I, like Abed, wish “Cougar Town” was on ABC’s fall schedule, I’m still glad to have Max, Penny, Jane and Brad back on my TV, doing and saying the kinds of amusing things that “Blax, Snake, Home” allowed them to do early (the opening scene with the gang making fun of Dave, then suffering various stabbings and poisonings) and often (Max’s desire to be black, Penny’s terror at her cursed condo).

Dave and Alex remain weak spots, though Zachary Knighton generally has more potential to be funny than Elisha Cuthbert, which you could see in their story tonight. Two characters going through the same schtick about being in denial about the horrible things they like, but I found Dave’s fixations (frolf, the running socks, etc.) vaguely funny, where whenever Alex was talking I wanted the show to go back to Brad and Max debating the relative whiteness of movies.

Good to have it back – even if it cost “New Girl” the services of Damon Wayans Jr. in the process – and to see that the growth curve continues. As with most sitcoms, I’ll only be checking in occasionally with reviews, but this was a nice start to a second season I never would have anticipated when the show premiered last spring.

What did everybody else think?

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