‘Happy Endings’ – ‘Spooky Endings’: You’re a man, baby!

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10.26.11 18 Comments


Earlier today, I interviewed “Happy Endings” producers David Caspe and Jonathan Groff about the creative evolution of the show, and talked a bit about tonight’s very funny Halloween episode (and, specifically, my love of Max and Penny’s costume). A few thoughts on the episode coming up just as soon as I go to my weird gay turkey party…

“Spooky Endings” was a very strong episode overall, even though, as alluded to in the interview, “Arrested Development” beat them to the “mistaken for a transgendered person” punch with the Alex story, and even though I didn’t entirely buy Brad and Jane’s role reversal on the suburbs. Elisha Cuthbert was really game in the drag queen story, the episode provided lots of great wordplay like Max and Brad’s holiday comparisons (“Halloween is the Arbor Day of urinating!”) and Max’s love interesting being dressed as ZZ Top Gun, and I laughed every damn time I watched Max try to manipulate things with the toy baby arms.

What did everybody else think? Did they do Halloween right, or did they do it right? 

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