‘Modern Family’ – ‘Mother Tucker’: Hey you! Get your damn hands off him!

11.24.10 7 years ago 24 Comments


‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and since I’m off tomorrow and didn’t see the ABC comedies in advance, I’m only going to have time to offer up very brief thoughts on them, starting with “Modern Family,” just as soon as I present to your mother like a baboon…

I’m glad the schedule played out in a way that let me spend more time on last week’s “Manny Get Your Gun” and not very much on “Mother Tucker.” Where “Manny Get Your Gun” was the season’s best episode, and one of those “Fizbo”-level episodes that exemplify the show’s strengths, “Mother Tucker” was an uneven and at times incredibly predictable episode, in which I liked little bits of each storyline but didn’t like any of them in their entirety. With the Dunphy story, for instance, I was amused as usual by Phil’s man-crush on Dylan (and by Dylan himself) but didn’t like getting yet another Haley story predicated on a goofy misunderstanding. I laughed at Gloria popping her shoulder back in to play ping pong, but found that story overall to be pretty thin, etc.

Still feeling the good vibes from “Manny Get Your Gun,” though, which is good.

What did everybody else think?

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