Programming note: The plan for tonight

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05.23.10 39 Comments


So, big night of TV tonight, with the two-and-a-half hour “Lost” finale at 9, plus a very strange, very good “Breaking Bad” at 10, plus a “Treme” episode I hear is also very good but haven’t seen because my screener delivery was delayed.

So here’s the plan: My “Breaking Bad” review is already written and will be posted at 11 (and I’ll be curious to see how many “Breaking Bad” fans aren’t also “Lost” fans, or at least prefer Walt and Jesse enough to watch them first). I’m going to watch “Lost” live and stay up late to write my review. In an ideal world, I would be able to sit with it for a few days before offering my opinion, rather than throwing out a first impression, so perhaps I may do a wildly divergent review later this week. We’ll see.

As for “Treme,” it may be a while. Obviously no time to watch it tonight, and tomorrow I’m going to be swamped with various finales (“Law & Order,” “Chuck,” “24,” “HIMYM,” et al). I would say the earliest you should expect something is Tuesday. Not ideal, but circumstances were beyond my control on this.

So please refrain on discussing the content any of these three shows until my posts on each go up.

That is all, and see you tonight for what will hopefully be a fitting farewell to Craphole Island.

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