Season finale review: ‘Enlisted’ – ‘Alive Day’

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06.22.14 30 Comments


A quick review of the final FOX episode of “Enlisted” coming up just as soon as I try to save it with the rewind bit…

On Friday, I wrote that I was struggling with what sort of headline to assign this episode, and you will note that I eventually went with “season finale,” not because I know anything about a possible future home, or even really believe it may happen, but just out of the stubborn belief that there is so much more life in this show, as was demonstrated throughout “Alive Day.”

You want wacky hijinks? You got that aplenty with the platoon members' various obsessions about the ball, culminating in JaMort and Tanisha making out after their terrible dance-off. You want Randy being overly affectionate? You got a ton of that with him massaging Pete and Sgt. Major Cody. You want unexpected pop culture homages? You got two of them with Randy “Offer and a Gentleman”ing Sgt. Major Cody and with the last-minute appearance of Lori Loughlin  the morning after the dance. (Never mind why she would be showing up so late, still looking for Chubowski, etc. Just enjoy the Aunt Becky cameo and smile, alright?)

And if you wanted genuine sentiment, and one last hands-on-heads moment? Well, you got both in spades in the final scene at the beach. I've now seen it three times, and the room I was in got incredibly dusty every single time.

If this winds up being the last “Enlisted,” well, that's an excellent 13-episode run, and a sweet, funny conclusion. But in an ideal world, some TBS or USA executive is channel-surfing tonight, stumbles across “Alive Day,” and asks, “What's going on with this show, and can I put it on my network?”

That's a dream for another day, but as for the finale, what did everybody else think?

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