Season premiere review: ‘Hell on Wheels’ – ‘Viva La Mexico’

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08.12.12 6 Comments


reviewed the start of “Hell on Wheels” season 2 this morning. Now it’s your turn. For those of you who came back, what did you think of the season premiere? Did it feel like any kind of significant leap forward? Could you see the influence of new producer (and “Breaking Bad” alum) John Shiban? (Shiban, by the way, wrote next week’s episode, while the premiere was written by the Gayton brothers.) Do you like the new roles many of the characters find themselves in, or would you rather The Swede was still The Swede? (For that matter, are you with me that a Christopher Heyerdahl-centered version of this show would be a vast improvement?) 

The sense I got before I stopped doing weekly talkbacks in season 1 (I won’t be doing them this season, by the way) was that the people who were still watching genuinely enjoyed the show, but I’m curious if that affection survived the hiatus – and also whether anyone who gave up earlier in the run came back to see what was happening here.

Have at it.

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