Series premiere review: ‘Copper’ – ‘Surviving Death’

Senior Television Writer
08.19.12 16 Comments

BBC America

I posted my review of “Copper” on Thursday, and an interview with co-creator Tom Fontana yesterday. Now it’s your turn. What did everybody think of Fontana, Will Rokos and Barry Levinson’s 1864 New York cop show? Did you like star Tom Weston-Jones? Were you drawn to any characters in particular? How did you feel the show did at recreating the time period on a Toronto soundstage? And will you keep watching? 

Because I feel like the show isn’t quite there yet, and also because it happens to be airing (for the next few weeks, anyway) opposite both “Breaking Bad” and “The Newsroom,” I don’t expect I’ll be doing weekly reviews, but I’ll try to check back in later in the season to offer some thoughts on how (or if) the show is evolving.

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