TCA Awards: Norman Lear to Amy Poehler to Boo from ‘Bunheads’

08.04.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

Ian Mosley

Last night, I published the list of TCA Awards winners. It was, as I suspected, a fun night, not just because we got to honor some shows (“Bunheads”) and performers (Tatiana Maslany from “Orphan Black”) Emmy hasn’t noticed, but because there were a lot of terrific speeches and moments. Key and Peele killed as the opening act, doing a TV-centric Obama and Luther sketch (Luther threatened a drone strike if Netflix didn’t release its viewing data). Louis C.K. kicked off one running gag by dismissing the TCA Award itself as “a shitty piece of plastic,” which several other winners also pointed out, until Mike Schur studied his and said, “It’s fine.” Kaitlyn Jenkins, aka Boo from “Bunheads,” got choked up at the idea of her canceled show winning an award, and Norman Lear and Rob Reiner read hilariously from a transcript of Nixon, Haldeman and Ehrlichman discussing “All in the Family” in the Oval Office.

The most remarkable aspect of the night also involved Boo from “Bunheads.” As she took the stage, Jenkins did a pirouette for us: 

When it was time for the “Parks and Recreation” cast to accept their award, Poehler did the same.

And then when Lear and Reiner took the stage for the Heritage Award, 91-year-old Lear also did a pirouette for us.

So we had one of the great comedy minds of the 20th century imitating one of the funniest actresses of the 21st century imitating Boo from “Bunheads.” It was something to behold. And though the Lear picture isn’t great, I wanted to share the moment with you.

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