‘True Blood’ – ‘Evil Is Going On’: Break up the concrete

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09.12.10 61 Comments

HBO/Doug Hyun

I’ve done my best to take an “If you can’t say something nice” approach to these weekly “True Blood” posts. It’s clear by now that while I don’t like the show, many of you do, and it didn’t seem too complicated to put up a post each week so y’all could discuss the episodes.

But at the end of season three, I can’t resist offering up one opinion on the finale, which is that even factoring in how little I care about the show as a whole, there was a spectacular amount of things I didn’t care about in this finale. There was a time when it seemed like Alan Ball was using the supporting characters to lighten Anna Paquin’s workload and help him deepen Sookie’s world, but by now it seems that he views Jason, Tara, Sam, Arlene, etc. on a practically equal footing with Sookeh, Bill and Eric, and that just wrecks the momentum of the big story arcs.

But, again, I’m just your humble host on these “True Blood” posts. For those of you who are fans, what did you think of the finale? Satisfying? Frustrating? Are you more or less excited to see what’s coming next season?

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