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By 08.25.09

Those of you hoping to lay down some sports betting in The First State this football season had better sit down. I should say “those of us,” actually: those great, visionary plans from the state of Delaware to offer single-game, multi-sport betting within its borders have been shot down in court.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that sports betting in Delaware would violate a 1992 federal ban on such wagering, essentially halting the state’s plans to start taking bets next month.

Speaking for a three-judge panel, Judge Theodore McKee said Monday that the betting plan as currently envisioned violates the federal ban. A written opinion explaining the judges’ reasoning will be issued at a later date. via, via.

The unanimous ruling from the panel makes an appeal unlikely, which is a damn shame, because it seems like the federal government imposed the ban because they had nothing better to do. The leagues and the NCAA obviously oppose it; they’d rather see you spend $25 on a t-shirt than taking Boise State and the points. This truly is a sad day for America; I’ll just have to find some other medium to piss away my (not-so) hard-earned cash.


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