#This Week In Posters

This Week In Posters: Horses, Blake Lively, And The Rock

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The Rock fights earthquakes and Jennifer Aniston poops in a purse, in this week's This Week in Posters.

tribeca film festival

Jon Stewart Will Moderate A ‘Goodfellas’ Panel With Scorsese And The Whole Cast At Tribeca Film Fest

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The gang's back. For the closing ceremony at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jon Stewart will moderate a discussion with the cast and creators of 'Goodfellas'.

NCAA Tournament

March Morbidity: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Help us determine the best and most insane action movie death scenes of the last 40 years with this spectacular tournament.

#james franco

Die Antwoord’s Ninja Says His ‘Chappie’ Co-Star Was ‘Juiced Up On Copious Amounts Of Steroids’

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Responding to tabloid reports, Ninja accuses a co-star of taking steroids and quotes James Franco. Because sure, why not.


Daniel Craig Is Rocking A Very Familiar Tactleneck In This Teaser Poster For ‘SPECTRE’

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If James Bond is going to look exactly like Sterling Archer, then it's time to just make a live action 'Archer' movie.

Going Clear

Ranking The Church Of Scientology’s ‘Going Clear’ Response Videos, By Watchability

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The Church of Scientology made a series of videos discrediting everyone who appeared in 'Going Clear." We rank those videos by watchability.


‘Marriage 2.0,’ One Of The Few Hardcore Films Rated By The MPAA (The Adult Film Minute)

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Dr. Chauntelle reviews 'Marriage 2.0,' an academic sort of porn that released an edited version rated NC-17 by the MPAA.

#James Franco

James Franco Interviewed ‘Gay James Franco,’ Who Is Also James Franco

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"Straight James Franco" interviewed "Gay James Franco" about being gay, and the James Franco he Francos might Franco.


Comedy Central Is Cutting Paul Walker Jokes From The Justin Bieber Roast

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The Justin Bieber roast will be a few jokes lighter when it airs on March 30, as the network decided Paul Walker jokes were in poor taste.


The Coen Brothers’ ‘Hail Caesar’ Is ‘Very Hudsucker Proxy,’ Says Ray Ploshansky

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Ray Ploshansky says the next Coen Brothers movie will be "more Hudsucker Proxy." Also, Channing Tatum is in it.

#Comments of the Week

Comments Of The Week: Metallica-Themed Bowling Teams Edition

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Which terrible, borderline offensive pun won this week's Comments of the Week? Inquire within.

die viral marketing die

Viral Marketing Is Still Terrible: A Movie Is Using A Fake Tinder Profile At SXSW

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Does having your time wasted by a spam bot make you want to watch this movie?

Going Clear

The Church Of Scientology Has Responded To ‘Going Clear,’ Calling Witnesses ‘Wife Beater’ And ‘Home Wrecker’

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The Church of Scientology has responded to 'Going Clear' with reasoned rebuttals to the charges laid by the film. Haha, just kidding, they called people names.


Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Discusses ‘Motherf*ckers’ And The Origin Of His Famous ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’ Catchphrase

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We spoke to Isiah Whitlock Jr. recently and he explained the origins of his famous "sheeeeeeeeeit," in addition to making a dream come true.

furious 7

‘Furious 7′ Has The Best Action Scene In The ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

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The one scene from "Furious 7" everyone's going to be talking about.

furious 7

Rumor Has It ‘Furious 7′ Is Playing A ‘Secret’ Screening Tonight At SXSW

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The cat has skydived out of the bag, SXSW's secret screening will be 'Furious 7.'

#Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: ‘Cinderella’ Crushed Liam Neeson And Opened Bigger Than ‘Thor’

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Liam Neeson's 'Run All Night' was a flop, while 'Cinderella' opened bigger than 'Maleficent' or 'Thor.'

furious 7

‘Furious 7’ Set To Open $100 Million+, According To Forecasts

By | 27 Comments

Analysts think the latest 'Fast' movie will be worth NINE FIGURES OF FURIOUSITY!


‘It Follows': A Supernatural STD Takes Michigan In The Year’s Best Horror Film

By | 52 Comments

A supernatural STD has taken root amongst the bored teens of suburban Michigan in the year's best horror movie.

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