‘Entertainment’ Star Gregg Turkington (A.K.A. Neil Hamburger), Explains How He Ended Up In Neo-Nazi Bars And Abandoned Prisons

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Frotcast 270: ‘Spectre,’ ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ And Matt Sings Royalty-Free Music, With Jane Harrison

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A Screenwriter Took Out A Full-Page Ad With A Great ‘Die Hard 6’ Pitch

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Shia LaBeouf Is Watching All Of His Movies In A Theater For Three-Straight Days

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Alexandra Daddario May Wear The Red Bathing Suit In The ‘Baywatch’ Movie

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This Week In Posters: ‘Finding Dory’ Goes Minimal, ‘Star Wars’ Calls Back, And More

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Post-Mortem: Can We Watch ‘The Leisure Class’ And ‘Project Greenlight’ In Reverse To See What Went Wrong?

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A New ‘Aladdin’ Film With Robin Williams Will Not Happen Due To The Late Actor’s Will

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Spectre’ Earned $73 Million, The Second-Biggest Opening Ever For A Bond Film

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Frotcast 269: Project Greenlight, Ben Carson’s Campaign Songs, And Joe Sinclitico

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The Drew Barrymore Cancer Comedy ‘Miss You Already’ Is A Little Too Obnoxious To Be Touching

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