Man Uses 3-D Printer To Print Out Replacement Skull


Yeah, we live on a planet that can print out a replacement for your skull. The future is officially awesome.


Dita Von Teese Rocked An Eye-Popping 3D-Printed Dress

By | 9 Comments

Dita Von Teese revealed a revealing 3D-printed dress at a runway event and jewelry bazaar at Manhattan's Ace Hotel this week.


3D-Printed Guns Take A Huge Leap Forward: Homebrew AR Receiver Fires Hundreds Of Rounds

By | 15 Comments

Defense Distributed show the new addition to their 3D-printed gun collection: the first 3D-printed receiver to fire .223 caliber high-pressure rifle rounds.


Swiss Build Robot That Can Add Parts To Itself

By | 4 Comments

Now they need to keep the robot from printing out one part in particular. Huh? Huh?


Nerds Trying To Print Gun Get Their 3D Printer Taken Away

By | 11 Comments

Amazingly, a 3D printing company is a bit worried about possible arms dealer charges.

#Star Wars

3D-Printed Records Play Led Zeppelin And ‘Star Wars’ Theme On A Fisher Price Record Player


Fred Murphy figured out how to make custom 3D-printed records for a '70s Fisher Price record player to play Led Zeppelin and other stuff.


Universal Adapter Set for Construction Toys Is Free (If You Already Have A 3D Printer)


The designers of the Free Art and Technology collective have come up with a set of nearly 80 free 3D models for adapter bricks to connect pieces from several popular construction toys, enabling anyone with a 3D printer to make their own adapter bricks to interconnect any pieces from Lego®, Duplo®, Fischertechnik®, Gears.

Medical science

3D Printers Can Now Make Bones?


Bone damage is some pretty bad news.

printing out organs

3D Printers Now Making Ears?

By | 2 Comments

We'll spare you all the ear puns and wordplay, mostly because we used them all up years ago on the guy at right.

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