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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Hold It! The New ‘Ace Attorney’ Game Is Rated M?

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The latest 'Ace Attorney' game may be going to a little darker...

Ace Attorney

Takashi Miike’s Phoenix Wright Adaptation Gets A Poster, Trailers, And Synopsis

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A week ago we posted the <a href="">first footage</a> from Takashi Miike's film adaptation of video game "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" (opening next February in Japan).


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Movie by Takashi Miike is a Real Thing and We’ve Got the Footage to Prove It


A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie directed by infamous Japanese horror auteur Takashi Miike.


Horrormaster Takashi Miike To Direct Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?


If there's one thing that Japanese director Takashi Miike is best known for, it's stomach-churning, mind-twisting gore.

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