Watch Alison Brie Sing About 'Weed And P*ssy,' Smoke Out Of Nick Offerman's Butt Near Amy Poehler

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In world's best game of Mad Libs, watch "Somebody Up There Likes Me" promo in which Alison Brie and Megan Mullally smoke weed out of Nick Offerman's butt.


Chicken Soup And Waffles For The Soul: 12 Of Ben And Leslie’s Sweetest Scenes

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A collection of the sweetest scenes featuring Ben and Leslie from "Parks and Recreation," who are getting married in tonight's episode.

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G4 To Become The Esquire Network, 'An Upscale Bravo For Men'

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Beginning April 22, G4 will be no more. It will be replaced by The Esquire Network, which hopes to target the sophisticated, modern man by airing "Parks & Rec" and "Party Down" reruns.


Adam Scott Is Fully Prepared For The Five Months Where Hollywood Gets To Jerk Each Other Off

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Our pretend best friend Adam Scott showed up dapper, enthusiastic, and a pink bowtie away from being in character to Conan last night.


Sports On TV: Boy Meets World's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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This week's Sports On TV covers another show people have been requesting since the column's inception: 'Boy Meets World,' the long-running TGIF staple that asked, "if Fred Savage can have a successful television show, shouldn't his little brother have one as well.

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All-Star Bowling Trick Shots


Who knew a bowling highlight reel could be this awesome (and star-studded).

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All Star Bowling Trick Shots, The Most UPROXX Video Of All Time

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This video showed up on our tip line a few minutes ago, with the subject, "the most uproxx video i've seen".


Actors Who Were On TGIF Shows Before You Knew Who They Were

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A list of now-famous actors and actresses who appeared on a TGIF, including "Boy Meets World" and "Full House," before they were stars.


Jon Hamm And Adam Scott’s ‘Greatest Event In TV History’ Was A Tribute To A Forgotten ’80s Classic

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It involves Paul Rudd, Gus Vant, Paul Scheer, Megan Mullally, and everyone's favorite totally forgotten about private detective series from the 1980s.


‘Parks & Rec’ Released The Tracklist For ‘Benji’s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix’

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Take a trip into the mind of 'Parks & Rec's' Ben Wyatt through his playlist, "Benji's Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix."


No One Wants to Promote the Humblebrag Book


Parks and Recreation stars Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott use some humblebragging of their own to get out of promoting the new Humblebrag book.


Adam Scott's Scholarly Breakdown Of 'Ice Ice Baby' Will Make You A Better Person

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You're all VIPs in my, Adam Scott, and Rob Van Winkle's hearts.


The Best Of #Ben Wyatt

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It's finally here. The week Parks and Recreation returns!


Mike From ‘Breaking Bad’ Will Act All Endearingly Grumpy On ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Actor Jonathan Banks, best known as Mike from "Breaking Bad," will appear in an episode of "Parks and Recreation" as Ben's dad.


Treat Yo Self To This Hilarious, Bawdy ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 4 Gag Reel While It Lasts

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We're not sure how long this 17-minute 'Parks And Recreation' Season 4 gag reel will be available, but it is glorious in both video and gif form.


10 ‘Bachelorette’ GIFs That Are Far Less Divisive Than The Movie Itself

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I'm running into more and more GIFs -- most of which star the highly GIFable Lizzy Caplan -- and they are just way too enjoyable for Bachelorette to be entirely unwatchable.


30 Important Things We Learned From Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA

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Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson on 'Parks and Recreation') gave what is, hands down, the funniest Reddit AMA so far. Here's a highlight reel.


Adam Scott And Nick Offerman Are Here To Crash Your Dorm Party

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All-around super-duper likable guy Adam Scott dropped by The Late Show last night, presumably to promote something, but all that matters is that he instead regaled Letterman and the audience with a story about the time he and Nick Offerman decided to drink beers with some college students at Cal Tech.

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The Time Adam Scott and Nick Offerman Tried to 'Blow Some Minds' at a College Dorm

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Sarcastic, scruffy everyman Adam Scott appeared on "Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday to discuss, among other things, the time he and "Parks and Recreation" co-star Nick Offerman were invited to a dorm party at Caltech.


The 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' TV Show Sneak Peek Blew Our Minds (With Lasers)

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IFC released the first footage from their upcoming "Comedy Bang.

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