Will Brennan

Will Brennan Weaves Another Tale On ‘Lies Love Lust EP’

Who else is making three song stories with EPs?


After The Smoke – “Moments” Video

The always eclectic group delivers a visual that's bound to catch viewers off guard.


After The Smoke – “Come & Leave” Video

There’s blood on the dancefloor, dripping from the hungry mouths of beautiful vampires with bad intentions in the video for After The Smoke’s “Come & Leave.

Under Tha Influence

After The Smoke – “Typical Weekend” Video


Looking for a way to ease into your Monday? Too much of too many things and trying to shake the cobwebs? Try a dose of After The Smoke's "Typical Weekend" to maybe wash away the bad and help you begin to relive the good from a weekend that could have lasted a few days longer.

Under Tha Influence

After The Smoke – “Typical Weekend”


There's spots where a lengthy description is unwarranted because a good song speaks for itself, providing a level of escapism and entertainment that doesn't need to be quantified with words.

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