Meet David Shing (AKA ‘Shingy’), AOL’s ‘Digital Prophet’ And Possibly The Tech Version Of Derek Zoolander

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No, this guy is not a performance artist or an SNL parody character. He's a living, breathing AOL employee, one the company puts on TV to represent them.


‘Drive Thru’ Is The ‘Drive’ Parody That Will Leave You Hungering For More


I swear to God, y'all, I would find this Funny or Die parody of Drive hilarious even if it didn't star my pal, the <a href="!/alexblagg">ridiculously funny</a> <a href="">Alex Blagg</a>.

web strategists

‘The Start-Up Guys’ Is Funny Because It’s True


As someone whose bullsh*t detector goes all DEFCON 5 any time I meet someone who refers to themselves as a "social media expert" or a "web strategist," I found <a href="">this new series from College Humor, titled "Start-up Guys," to be positively spot-on</a>.

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