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Thanks To ‘Esquire,’ Your Alison Brie Google Image Search Results Just Improved By 1000 Percent

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In her interview with Esquire magazine, Alison Brie confessed that she loves the number 38. LOOK PICTURES.


The Nielsen Family Is Dying, And Alison Brie Is Helping To Kill It

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6 Takeaways from the Alison Brie cover story in 'Wired' on the death of the Nielsen Family.


Watch Alison Brie Sing About 'Weed And P*ssy,' Smoke Out Of Nick Offerman's Butt Near Amy Poehler

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In world's best game of Mad Libs, watch "Somebody Up There Likes Me" promo in which Alison Brie and Megan Mullally smoke weed out of Nick Offerman's butt.


James Franco’s Neighbors Hate Him

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Back in November, actor/dick-noser James Franco <a href="">purchased a 1920s mini-compound home in Silver Lake for approximately $775,000</a>, presumably because it was built by filmmaker DW Griffith and that just seems like the kind of reason Franco would shell out a ton of money for a three-bedroom home.

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Alison Brie Sang A White Stripes Song With Draco Malfoy On Guitar

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Alison Brie covering the White Stripes? Well of course we're going to post this!


Alison Brie Was On The Daily Show Last Night. It’s Time We Put Our Foot Down.

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Have you guys noticed that Alison Brie has been EVERYWHERE lately promoting Community? But you know where she hasn't been during her publicity tour? UPROXX!


What’s On Tonight: Alison Brie Will Be On ‘The Daily Show’

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Alison Brie's appearance on 'The Daily Show' will help me better visualize my fan fiction.


Alison Brie Performed Her Best Freestyle Rap To Date Sitting Between Artie Lange And Jimmy Fallon

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Last we checked in with our collective muse, Alison Brie, she was <a href="" target="_blank">advertising platonic foot massages</a> only to have <a href="" target="_blank">Joel McHale issue restraining orders</a> against the whole lot of us.


Alison Brie Freestyle Raps


Alison Brie from 'Community' and 'Mad Men' shows off her rapping skills for Jimmy Fallon.


‘Alison Won’t Date Any Of You’: The Best Of Joel McHale’s UPROXX Live Discussion

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Yesterday we were graced with a live Q&A with Joel McHale of 'Community' and 'The Soup'. Here are the funniest answers, plus photoshops and GIFs.


Good News Fellas, Alison Brie Is Totally Open To ‘Amazingly Platonic Foot Massages’

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Happy to announce that a clip of her stalker-y foot massage discussion with Dave has just been made available.


GQ’s List Of The 21st Century’s 100 Sexiest Women Cruelly Pits Alison Brie Against Zooey Deschanel

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Fan favorites Alison Brie, Emilia Clarke, Kate Upton, and Lizzy Caplan appear on GQ's important list of the 21st century's 100 sexiest women.


Alison Brie, Amber Heard, And Sandra Bullock As Avengers? Yes Please.

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We finally found the artist behind the fantastic photoshop of Alison Brie as Captain America, and he's made other gender-swapped Avengers.


Celebrate Alison Brie’s 30th Birthday By Watching Her Unaired Pilot With Jennifer Lawrence

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In 2007, before they were Internet darlings, Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence were in a Comedy Central pilot called "Not Another High School Show."

This Photoshop Of Alison Brie As Captain America Wins Everything

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This Photoshop of Alison Brie as Captain America is a damn masterpiece. Long live the internet.


Here Are Some Of The Best Pop Culture Inspired Christmas Gifts Shared On Reddit Today

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Every December 26th Reddit is 80% filled with people sharing their Christmas gifts with no one in particular.


The Origin Of Alison Brie’s Cat Explained In ‘Community’ Holiday Episode Sneak Peek

By | 4 Comments

It was the picture that nearly broke the Internet, and now we know the context behind "Alison Brie holding a kitten." It involves "Community."

Alison Brie Showed Off Her Freestyle Rap Skills With Danny Pudi During Live Show

By | 3 Comments

Put a microphone in front of Alison Brie, she's going to start rapping, this time with "Community" co-star Danny Pudi.

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