New Andy Warhol Art Has Been Found On Some Old Floppies

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Andy Warhol was better than you at MS Paint, as newly discovered work proves.


Ryan O'Neal's 'Today' Show Interview This Morning Was As Much Of A Trainwreck As You'd Imagine

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Somewhere around the commingling of blood and tears this interview goes off track.

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The Video For Matthew Dear's 'Slowdance' Looks Like Something Andy Warhol Would've Made


Prior to just a few minutes ago I didn't know much about Matthew Dear other than that he's a bit of avant-garde electronica artist whose name I've seen on Pitchfork a few times.


Strokes Of Genius: 20 Famous Works Of Art Given A Modern Update

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Being America’s most eligible bachelor means that I’ve long been an expert of maintaining a sophisticated and stylish home that is indicative of a classy love stallion.


Michael Jackson Portrait By Andy Warhol Goes Up For Auction


Scared of the deadbeat bidders on eBay & strange individuals who troll Craigslist, The King Of Pop Art's portrait of the King Of Pop will be going up for auction on November 10th at Christie's auction house in New York.

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