Want to See a Comet Up Close?


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53641"></a>Comets are interesting: basically giant snowballs hurtling through the void of space.


Have We Finally Seen a Planet Being Born?


We have a lot of theories about how planets are formed, but the problem is, we've never seen a planet formed up close.

new earths

There Are Likely HOW Many Earth-Like Planets Again?


Hey, remember how we thought finding Earth-like planets was going to be, like, totally rare and hard and stuff.

super earths

Have We Found Earth 2?


The European Southern Observatory recently reported some findings, and while there aren't any wacky planets made of diamond or planets blacker than a Hot Topic customer thinks his soul is, there is a possibility we've found Earth 2.

weird planets

Gigantic Diamond Planet? Gigantic Diamond Planet.

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Here's something fun: imagine a diamond the size of Jupiter.

tres 2b

Why Does This Exoplanet Reflect No Light?

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Most things in space reflect a little bit of light.


Researchers Have Found The Least Earth-Like Earth-Like Planet Yet


Ever since astronomers have been able to detect other planets across the galaxy, they've been looking for other planets that could support Earth-style life.


Watch a Black Hole Eat Matter Alive

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For years, scientists assumed that matter being sucked into a black hole was an orderly affair: the matter rapidly went from three-dimensional to the astrophysical equivalent of a flattened beer can with no muss or fuss.


Titan Has An Underground Ocean?

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Saturn has a lot of moons: sixty of them, in fact.

cold star

Have We Found The Two Coolest Brown Dwarfs?

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Here, a lesser blog would make a black midget joke, but we're above that.

t chamaeleontis

Is a Planet Being Born As We Speak?


In the constellation of Chameleon (named during the Age of Aquarius), there resides the star T Chamealeontis.

two planets one orbit

Two Planets, One Orbit?

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NASA's Kepler telescope has given up a lot of data, and hidden among the boring stuff is hot planet action, namely two planets sharing the same orbit.


Scientists Triple The Number Of Known Stars


When we try to think of how many stars might be in the universe, most of us are content to just use the measurement of "a metric ass-ton.


New Nova Discovered, Sadly Is Not Champagne Supernova


While we all eagerly await a star explosion to shower us with delicious alcohol (Gamma Squad is working on the physics of that right now), we might as well tell you about the substantially less tasty new method of crap blowing up on stars, the gamma-ray nova.


Astronomer Sees Jupiter Get Hit With a Rock Again


Anthony Wesley, having the chick magnet hobby of astronomy, has apparently managed to hit the galactic lotto twice and has witnessed Jupiter getting pegged by intergalactic space projectiles not once, but twice.

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