What Women Really Think About Kissing Men With Beards


The harsh truth, from a lady's perspective.




Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Lincoln gets a Scarface parody.


Campfire Cologne


If your life leaves you longing for the great outdoors, consider infusing your musk with some Campfire Cologne.

#music videos

The Beards – Got Me a Beard


The animated music video for "Got Me a Beard" from The Beards is (spoiler alert) heavy on beard humor and willing to destroy anything beardless.


Grow A Beard, Now!


"There are two kinds of men.

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20 Of The Creepiest Female Celebrities With Beards

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Upping the creepiness ante on <a href="" target="_blank">celebrites without eyebrows</a>, FreakingNews.


Film's Finest Beards Get The Fan Art They Deserve

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I'm a sucker for <a href="" target="_blank">pop culture art</a> and all things facial hair (even on ladies as long as they're introduced as "handsome"), so <a href="" target="_blank">Beards by Chris Thornley</a> couldn't be more up my alley.


Matisyahu Shaved His Beard, Denounces Hasidic Judaism(?)

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I'm not 100% clear on if <a href="">this means he's denouncing Hasidic Judaism or not</a>, but this morning orthodox Jew reggae rapper Matisyahu <a href="!/matisyahu/status/146577385318391808">posted a beardless pic of himself to Twitter </a>and released <a href="">the following announcement on his website</a>.

Morning Links: Football, Mousey Starlets

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Sports LOLNFL: Preseason 2011 Week 1 - The reasonable adult approach to professional sports is to wait for the pictures to go up and put a bunch of block letter words over them.


The Best Of The First Annual Los Angeles Beard And Mustache Championships

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Just because we’ve previously covered the incredibly prestigious <a href="">World Beard and Mustache Championships</a>, we’re not opposed to covering facial hair contests on the regional circuit, especially when it’s for the betterment of the U.


Brett Keisel Will Shave His Beard

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As a grown man who can only grow random small patches of hair on his face, I’ve admired Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel and his beard for quite some time.

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