Man Eats Ramen Noodles Out Of His “Beard Bowl”

This video of a man eating ramen directly out of his impressive noodle-holding beard will either amaze or disgust you.

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Behold, Here Are The Manliest Portraits From The National Beard And Moustache Championships


The fourth annual National Beard and Moustache Championships took place earlier this month in New Orleans, and photographer Greg Anderson made it a point to capture stunning portraits of the competitors with the most glorious face fur.


Baby Misses Dad’s Beard

An adorable baby girl cries when her dad shaves his glorious winter beard.


For The First Time In 9 Years, Pau Gasol Shaves His Beard

After losing a bet with his brother Marc Gasol, Lakers' center Pau Gasol shaved his facial hair for the first time in nine years in an effort to raise awareness of childhood obesity through the Gasol Foundation.


Fire Breather Crashes And Burns

An Argentinian fire breather performs at a beach wedding, and it does not go well.


Ben Garvin’s Magic Beard

Ben Garvin shows off his entertaining beard tricks, with the help of some clever stop-motion animation.


Baby Raccoon Showers on Bearded Man’s Shoulder

Here's the most entertaining video of a baby raccoon showering on an old man's shoulder that you'll see all day.


‘Man Of Steel': How Does Superman Shave His Beard?


Many see the 'Man of Steel' trailers and wonder "How does Superman shave?" Believe it or not, there's an official explanation.


Men Can Now Earn Money By Placing Ads In Their Beards Via ‘Beardvertising’


Would you put a Pepsi logo in your beard for $20? Then you'll love Beardvertising.


What Women Really Think About Kissing Men With Beards

The harsh truth, from a lady's perspective.



Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Lincoln gets a Scarface parody.


Campfire Cologne

If your life leaves you longing for the great outdoors, consider infusing your musk with some Campfire Cologne.

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The Beards – Got Me a Beard

The animated music video for "Got Me a Beard" from The Beards is (spoiler alert) heavy on beard humor and willing to destroy anything beardless.


Grow A Beard, Now!

"There are two kinds of men.


Film's Finest Beards Get The Fan Art They Deserve


I'm a sucker for pop culture art and all things facial hair (even on ladies as long as they're introduced as "handsome"), so Beards by Chris Thornley couldn't be more up my alley.


Morning Links: Football, Mousey Starlets


Sports LOLNFL: Preseason 2011 Week 1 - The reasonable adult approach to professional sports is to wait for the pictures to go up and put a bunch of block letter words over them.


The Best Of The First Annual Los Angeles Beard And Mustache Championships


Just because we’ve previously covered the incredibly prestigious World Beard and Mustache Championships, we’re not opposed to covering facial hair contests on the regional circuit, especially when it’s for the betterment of the U.

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