Here’s Will Forte Singing An Ode To His ‘Last Man On Earth’ Beard

Will Forte’s beard on The Last Man On Earth is highly noteworthy, easily earning its place on the list of “greatest TV beards.” When he (SPOILER ALERT!) shaved it off in a recent episode, my heart sank. Turns out I wasn’t alone because Forte felt pretty strong about it himself, throwing this song together for Jimmy Fallon in memory of the fallen facial hair.

Luckily, he’s clearly growing it back, so that’s a good thing and probably another SPOILER ALERT! Also the original beard lives on as part of some sort of odd art project created by Forte’s mother, something he questions by the end of his song.

He also took part in a “Would You Rather” segment as a Tonight Show online exclusive, providing some fun size comparisons for human body parts.

It’s hard not to like Will Forte and I think throwing him in a movie with Bill Hader would be fantastic.

(Via The Tonight Show)