Lloyd Banks – “When I Get There”

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I'm really feeling <a href="">Banks'</a> recent output.


Lloyd Banks – “Finish Line”

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<a href=""> The race to deliver weekly non-album tracks was sorta derailed by an ankle sprain due to <a href="">studio rendezvous</a> with <a href="">Kanye</a>.


Lloyd Banks – “King/Do My Thing”

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<a href=""> Playboy Banks probably smokes so many trees, there's no distinction between a Friday and "fried day." But we'll excuse his tardiness as long as the quality on his mid-grade offerings remain equally as high. While there's never been a clear understanding why charged and soulful melodies like the one heard on "King/Do My Thing" took a backseat to repetitive 808s on the East Coast but doses of nostalgia are always welcomed at any given time. Songs like these would make for great padding to surround the previous singles from H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More 2). If he's giving these away, the possibility that his album will set November ablaze seems all the more likely. <a href="">Lloyd Banks - "King/Do My Thing"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.


Lloyd Banks – “See Me Bright”

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<a href=""> Banks "The Boy Wonder" might as well call himself Batman this year. For what was destined to be a transitional year for the Unit has turned into the Lloyd Banks show. After two successful splashes in the commercial realm, Banks still wants to reign supreme in the e-streets. Prepare to enter his realm of hypnotherapy. For the next five minutes, Banks will take you to a head-nod whirlwind of rhymes galore. If you hung around long enough to clamor for that "old" Banks, you got him. Taking a cue from Kanye, Banks will release a track every week for "Blue Fridays" until <a href="">his album</a> releases in November.

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