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Lucy Collett Deion Sanders Cited For Spat With Estranged Wife, Pilar [AP] First Criminal Charges Filed In BP Oil Spill [CNN] Danny Glover Speaks on Mass Incarceration and Mumia [Ebony] Now You Can Control Your Television With A Magic Wand [TLF] Prison Gang Whistleblower Sues [...].


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Cristal Steverson Things I Haven't Heard Anyone Say About Jeremy Lin Yet <a href="">[Very Smart Brothers]</a> Metallica: 'We'll Distribute Music In Cereal Boxes' <a href="">[NME]</a> BP Reaches $7.

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Ice La Fox Chris Brown Will Concentrate On Music, Will Not Do Interviews In 2012 [Billboard] Azealia Banks Calls Out Kreayshawn [DDot Omen] Floyd Mayweather Bet $150,000 on the Pizza Bowl & Won [The Big Lead] The Best Of This Week's NBA In Pictures [...].

BP oil spill

BP does something good, for once

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So as readers of this site may or may not know -- probably not -- I've spent the past couple of years <a href="">writing for Yahoo! News</a>, the last year of which I spent a considerable amount of time writing about last summer's BP oil disaster and its ongoing fallout.


Stock In Pelican Scrubbing On The Rise


<a href=""> Now that the initial shock of the BP oil spill is out the way, it's time for the parodies to pour in. You can imagine that Lorne Michaels probably has show-length scripts to poke fun @ the entire ordeal. Eventually, everyone NOT named Tony Hayward will probably slip out a chuckle off the funnies that are sure to flow down the commercial river in the upcoming months. Everyone except him and, of course, those PETA loons. I don't foresee them getting a kick out of this little skit dedicated to small business owners in the Gulf. But if you don't support the well being that Mike has created for himself and his family (Lamborghini! Hello!!?), then you're probably a Communist. H/T: <a href="">Miss Theda</a>.


BP’s Quick-Fix Solution? Bribe Google

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<a href=""> In terms of squandering money, rappers make it rain, the military keeps wars in play and BP buys their reputation. In an obvious act of desperation (and genius move), BP bought the term "BP Oil Spill" from the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines to redirect traffic to their <a href="">official website</a>.


This Is What Disaster Looks Like

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<a href=""> It's been hard to put into words the devastation the <a href="">BP oil spill </a>in the Gulf has caused.

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