Genetic Engineering Just Made A Major Breakthrough

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For the first time, we've put an artifical chromosome inside a life form, and made it work.


Medical Science Might Be On The Verge Of Wiping Out HIV Completely

By | 4 Comments

Two breakthroughs might mean HIV will be a thing of the past.


New Twilight Clip: Yuppie Vampires teach Bella what it means to be soulless

By | 18 Comments

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens November 16th and Summit just released this new clip, called "Acting Human," in which the other vampires attempt to teach vampire Bella how to pass as human, while Taylor Lautner just sits there with all the charisma of a balloon with abs drawn on it.


First Practical Maser Put Together With Crap from eBay

By | 5 Comments

A major scientific breakthrough was slapped together by a physicist in his spare time in a half-assed manner. What have you done today?


How Close Are We To Biobatteries?

By | 3 Comments

No, we haven't figured out how to use babies as batteries (although research is ongoing).

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