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Watch: Bryan Cranston Is The New Pusher Man For Apple’s iPad Air

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Apple achieves maximum Internet exposure without spending a dime by using Bryan Cranston as its pitchman.


Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Are Expected To Make Cameos In ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 15 Comments

Looks like we may get to see some more Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, after all.


Bryan Cranston Looked A Little Tense At The Dodgers/Cardinals Game Last Night

By | 10 Comments

Bryan Cranston is apparently a Dodgers fan. Walter White, meanwhile, remains a Phillies fan.

Bryan Cranston

Conan O’Brien Also Received A Flattering Message From Anthony Hopkins


Bryan Cranston wasn't the only one to receive a gushing message from the legendary actor.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins Wrote This Fan Letter To Bryan Cranston After Binge-Watching ‘Breaking Bad’ In Two Weeks

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Anthony Hopkins is officially in my top five list of older gentleman I'd very much like to binge watch television with.


Here’s Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad In An ’80s Atari Ad

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Before Bryan Cranston was breaking bad, he was in numerous '80s commercials, including this rocking ad for 'MegaForce' on the Atari in 1982. Radical!

Bryan Cranston

Tyrion Lannister Primed to Screen Your Calls

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I have whatever blood type is universal, so the blood bank people call me about every thirty minutes, pleading, "Please, there's no blood left.


The 20 Things We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Breaking Bad’

By | 55 Comments

With the series finale only days away, here's what we'll miss the most about "Breaking Bad."


The Heisenberg Mask Bryan Cranston Wore To Comic-Con Can Be Yours For The Low, Low Price Of Over $30,000

By | 4 Comments

The Heisenberg mask that Bryan Cranston wore to Comic-Con is on Ebay, if you have over $30,000 in disposable income laying around.


A Guide To Every Time Walter White Has Broken Bad

By | 51 Comments

A guide to every single time Walter White has done something evil on "Breaking Bad."


Walter White Reacts To Jeff Daniels’ Emmy Win


Breaking Bad's Walter White reacts to Jeff Daniels winning the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series over Bryan Cranston.

2013 EMMYS

Choose The Cuter Emmys Couple: Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Or Tina Fey And Amy Poehler?

By | 18 Comments

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul or Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: who was the Emmy's cutest couple?


Bryan Cranston’s Post-Breaking Bad Career Begins With ‘Trumbo’

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It looks like Bryan Cranston is hopping off the Emmy train and catching the next bus to Oscar Town, <a href="" target="_blank">as Deadline reported</a> that the Breaking Bad star’s first role in a post-Heisenberg era will be as arguably the most important screenwriter to have ever worked in Hollywood, Dalton Trumbo, in the biopic Trumbo.


The New Yorker’s Bryan Cranston Profile Is Predictably Long And Loaded With Interesting Nuggets

By | 5 Comments

If you're a Breaking Bad fan, you'll probably want to read the New Yorker profile on Bryan Cranston that's in this week's issue.


Bryan Cranston Responds To The Lex Luthor Casting Rumor

By | 4 Comments

Bryan Cranston has commented on the rumor he'd be playing Lex Luthor in 'Man Of Steel 2'. It's still real to me, damn it.


‘Game Of Thrones’ Starring Walter White


'Game of Thrones' becomes even more entertaining when you add 'Breaking Bad's Walter White.


Bryan Cranston Plays Lex Luthor And Ben Affleck Plays Batman In ‘Man of Steel 2′ Fan-Made Video

By | 16 Comments

This excellent mashup casts Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Ben Affleck as Batman in 'Man Of Steel 2'.


Shut Up About Batfleck: Bryan Cranston Is Playing Lex Luthor In The ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

By | 53 Comments

Reports claim that Bryan Cranston has signed on to play Lex Luthor in multiple Superman films.

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