This Boxer Simply Did Not Like Being Left In A Car For 20 Minutes

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People gathered around a random car in a Scottish suburb to watch a boxer that had apparently learned how to use the horn.


Check Out This Crazy Russian Monster Truck

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No wonder Russians can survive the harsh winters -- they've got their own tricked out monster trucks.


Would You Like To Own Dwyane Wade’s Car? Because You Can For A Ton Of Cash

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Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has grown tired of his 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, so you can now buy it for the low, low price of $799,000.


The Flatmobile Is Like The Batmobile, But Flatter, Because You Need That


So here's something we somehow didn't know existed until today. It's called The Flatmobile, as it's modeled after the Batmobile.


This Guy Might Be Exaggerating About The Mercedes He Is Selling On Craiglist

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A Dallas man's Craigslist ad for his 1987 Mercedes-Benz was so over-the-top that it was flagged, so he came back with an even more outlandish post.

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‘Gran Turismo’ Can Turn You Into A Real-Life Racing Driver

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'Gran Turismo is so good, it might actually train people how to drive.

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Vehicle-To-Vehicle Tech Will Soon Be Standard In All American Cars

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Vehicle-to-vehicle tech might save your life. And soon, it's going to be standard.

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For The Spoiled Child Who Has Everything, It’s The $27,000 Aston Martin DB Junior

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An Aston Martin dealership in London is selling the DB Junior, a miniature luxury car that costs approximately $27,000.


There’s A Street-Legal Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car Driving Around England Right Now

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John Bitmead spent over 1000 hours and £4,000 ($6594.40) building this adult-sized, street-legal version of the classic children's vehicle.


The First Ever Porsche Car Is On Display For The First Time Since 1902


Hidden away in a shed in Austria since 1902, the very first car produced by Ferdinand Porsche is finally at home in Germany's Porsche Museum.


How To Move A Car In Russia


You parked just a little too far away from the gas pump. What do you do? If you're in Russia, you do this.


Oscar Mayer Wants To Give You The Keys To The Wienermobile For Eight Hours

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With the right Tweet, you can win a lease for the Oscar Mayer 2014 Wienermobile to use as you see fit for eight hours.

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The 12 Biggest Head-Turners At The Detroit Auto Show 2014

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Lots of shine and gloss but this dozen garnered the most attention.

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Your Next Car May House An Android Computing System

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The Open Auto Alliance wants to put Android in your car. And it might pull it off.


The Wedding Kiss Burnout


Kay-Leigh and Gervan Diaz enjoy a romantic wedding day kiss.


Behold The Full-Sized LEGO Car That Runs On Air


A couple of Twitter geniuses got together and built a fully-sized LEGO car that runs on air and hurts like a motherf*cker when you sit in it.


You Need To See This Man’s eBay Ad For His ‘Wickid Sick Ford Fiesta’

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A man in England is selling his Ford Fiesta Zetec on eBay, and he makes a hell of a case for why people should buy it.

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