An Open Letter To The Golden Globes Censor Who Missed Tina Fey’s Leonardo DiCaprio Joke

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Tina Fey's Leonardo DiCaprio joke was one of the best moments at the Golden Globes. Here's an open letter to the censor who missed it.

justin halpern

Justin Halpern Explains Why Standards And Practices Won’t Let You Say ‘Blumpkin’ on TV

By | 19 Comments

Television writer (and the guy behind Sh** My Dad Says') reveals that Standards and Practices often refers to the Urban Dictionary.

grammy awards

Attention Grammy Attendees: CBS Would Like A Word About Your Boobs And Butts, Please

By | 32 Comments

CBS's Standards and Practices issued a "wardrobe advisory" regarding the 2013 Grammys, and it is the funniest thing CBS has done in years.

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