Watch This Badass Toddler Plunder A Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Machine For All It’s Worth

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Come for the little girl stealing an assload of tickets, stay for the nightmare-inducing music playing in the background.

oculus rift

Chuck E. Cheese Teams Up With The Oculus Rift To Give Children Nightmares


Chuck E. Cheese has decided it needs virtual reality to stay on the cutting edge of terrifying small children.


Oh Hey Look, Another Fight Broke Out At A Chuck E. Cheese

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Two men got into a fight at a New Hartford, NY Chuck E. Cheese because it must be [insert day of the week here].


Chuck E. Cheese Band Performs ‘Pop, Lock & Drop It’

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Apparently a man bought one of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic bands and programmed it to perform "Pop, Lock & Drop It."


With Leather’s Watch This: The World Dies A Little More With This Fight At Chuck E. Cheese’s

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I watched this video of stupid a-hole parents starting a fight in front of children at a Chuck E.


3.26 The Cooler

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3.9 The Cooler

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