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Love Thy Backup Neighbor: A Definitive Gallery Of Fan Signs Supporting Tim Tebow


As much as I love to make fun of him like the majority of football fans, I kind of feel bad for Tim Tebow sometimes.

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The Return Of Fan Fights – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse


There wasn't much of a contest on the field at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, so fans in the upper reaches of the stands had to stage their own battle for New York State, replete with Zubaz, women punching and the finest that humanity has to offer (Jersey and Western New York chapters).

xmas ape

Meeting of the Jerseyites Produces Shockingly Violent Trashiness


I was already sold on this fan fight video when it opened on a guy wearing a Plaxico Burress Jets jersey standing behind a guy in a Plaxico Burress Giants jersey.

xmas ape

Bonfire of the Vanity Plates


As an alum of the University of Merlin, I've seen many a celebratory bonfire in my days, albeit with couches serving as kindling in lieu of cars.

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