Try To Resist These Schweddy Balls, Talking Stefon Dolls, And Other SNL Swag

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Saturday Night Live is going to sell Schweddy Balls, Talking Stefon dolls, and other SNL-themed swag for their 40th anniversary.


IMPORTANT: Fecal Transplants Outperform Antibiotics In Clinical Trial

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The results are in regarding the first randomized clinical trial of fecal transplants versus antibiotics. Poop for the win.


New Thing To Worry About: Your Butt Can Explode During A Colonoscopy

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Important research has been published on how to prevent colonoscopy explosions. Yes, there is such a thing as colonoscopy explosions.


Bane Puns, Classy Messages Found On Cars, And Links


Today's links, featuring a Bane pun left on a car, another car with a classy question for the ladies, and a sly little dog getting food from a big dog.


Uranus Puts On A Light Show In Breakthrough Photographs

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Researchers in France have captured the first photographs of auroras on Uranus.


Two Videos And 30 New Pictures From 'The Avengers' Assemble


You probably haven't seen every frame of footage from The Avengers yet, but we're here to rectify that with 30 pictures and a couple videos.


Something Just Exploded All Over Uranus

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Uranus is usually considered to be boring (just what I've heard), but an explosion of unknown cause has been observed on Uranus by astronomers at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.


The Internet Responds To Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Photos With Typical Class And Grace


In case you've been in a coma (welcome back, now go shave), two nude photos of Scarlett Johansson leaked due to a phone hacking and were posted at Reddit on Wednesday (and no, I'm not linking to them).


You Can Finally Put Some Delicious Schweddy Balls In Your Mouth


All the way back in 1998 Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin (as Pete Schweddy) starred in an SNL skit called The Delicious Dish, in which they poked fun at NPR and introduced us all to Alec Baldwin's Schweddy Balls.

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