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This Cat Stuck In A Claw Machine Is Not Having Any Of Your Sh*t


Claw Machine Cat is not receptive of your mockery.


Robin Hood Exists And She’s A Young Florida Girl Who Climbs Into Claw Machines

By | 5 Comments

A young Florida girl was spotted climbing into a claw machine and handing out prizes to kids as they told her what they wanted.


How Does This Even Happen: Missing Toddler Found Stuck In Claw Game Machine

By | 10 Comments

A missing toddler turned up in a claw machine in a nearby bowling alley and it amazingly didn't even happen in Florida.


SHOCKER: Those Claw Crane Machines? Totally Rigged!

By | 6 Comments

Apparently making kids gamble is AOK as long as the odds of payoff are relatively high and they get a toy. We're an awful country.

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