Eccentric Billionaire Now Filling His ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort With Dinosaur Robots

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Clive Palmer's plans to clone dinosaurs for a Jurassic Park may have fallen through, but that won't stop him from ordering hundreds of dinosaur robots.


Billionaire Plans to Build Titanic Replica


Clive Palmer plans to build "Titanic II" -- an exact replica of the original.


Eccentric Billionaire Wants To Clone A Dinosaur For A ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort

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Clive Palmer isn't just creating a replica of the Titanic. He's also rumored to be planning to clone a dinosaur for his Palmer Resort.


Finally: Australian businessman creating real-life Jurassic park with cloned dinosaur

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It's been 22 years since Michael Crichton gave us the blueprint for cloning dinosaurs, and it's a slap in science's face that no one has actually tried it yet.


Australian billionaire building 'Titanic II' in China

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<a href=""></a>Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is attempting to out-James Cameron James Cameron today as he announced plans to build a cruise ship replica of the Titanic called the Titanic II in China, with a maiden voyage set for 2016 (yes, just like that <a href="" target="_blank">Titanic 2</a>).

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